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Chair Massage, an Integral Part
of your Corporate Wellness Program


The response from employees who have chair massage available to them at work has been tremendous. They really appreciate the rejuvenation and the release of tension that chair massage brings to their busy and often stressful workdays.

Massage therapy is recognized as effective treatment for many specific problems as well as for preventive health care and stress management. Massage therapy alleviates soft tissue discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stresses, muscular overuse symptoms and chronic pain syndromes.

Offering massage therapy at the office gives your employees easy access to this beneficial treatment and shows them that you care about their health and well being. Appreciated, stress-free employees are more productive and happier in their jobs.


  1. Everyone can benefit from massage. Other wellness programs such as weight loss, smoking cessation or fitness appeal to only a limited number of employees. Company-subsidized on-site massage frequently approaches 100 percent participation by all employees.
  2. The stress reduction from massage tends to have a cumulative effect. As relief is experienced, the body responds to massage more readily and its therapeutic value lasts longer.
  3. Massage sells itself, reducing the corporate expenditure of promoting massage as a wellness program.
  4. Massage is beneficial in the treatment of conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, and headaches, thus helping to reduce health care costs and absenteeism.
  5. Receiving a massage is easy and requires little employee effort. Employees do not have to practice receiving massages and they cannot do it wrong.
  6. Employee attendance on massage days is frequently higher. Employees do not want to miss the benefits of receiving a therapeutic massage.
  7. Massage works well in conjunction with other wellness programs. Massage re-integrates the mind with the body, thus motivating people to improve their lifestyles in a healthy direction.

Massage Therapy in the workplace is a simple, cost-effective way to:

  • relieve stress and tension
  • increase productivity
  • improve employee morale
  • improve overall employee health by decreasing and even preventing the ill effects of stress

Massage therapy in the workplace just makes good business "cents".

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What to Expect

A Massage Therapist will come to your workplace with a massage chair. The massage chair is portable and does not take up much space. The design of the chair allows a relaxing and comfortable position for you and easy access for the therapist to treat your back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands.

Treatments usually last 10-15 minutes and vary between relaxation massage to assist in relieving tension, and treatments designed to prevent or treat repetitive strain injuries. You remain fully clothed and no oils are used. Relaxing music is played during the session. This makes for an ideal workplace treatment and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to return to work.

How On-Site Chair Massage Works

Typically, chair massage is set up on a regular weekly or bi-weekly basis as an ongoing benefit to employees. You may also offer on-site massage therapy monthly or at special times of the year as an incentive or reward for project completion or outstanding work performance.

  • Human Resources/Wellness Department announces in their newsletter or an insert with the employees' paycheck that chair massage will be available on the specified day(s).
  • HR/Wellness has a sign-up sheet that is available to the employees designating the day and location of the on-site massage.
  • Employees pick a time slot and provide their names, departments and phone number extension.
  • The massage therapist is present on the specified day(s), given a copy of the sign-up sheet and the employees show up for their massages.
  • If applicable, the employee is responsible for any co-payment at the time of the massage. Payments may be made in cash, Visa/Mastercard or by personal check with identification.
  • We reserve the right to collect the full co-payment from employees who fail to show up for their time slot. Time slots are, however, transferable to other co-workers.
  • A two hour minimum is required for each scheduled massage visit.

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On-Site Massage Therapy Services and Pricing

Service Options:

  • Ten minute chair massages.
  • Fifteen minute chair massage.
  • Twenty minute chair massage

Payment Options:

  • Employee pays full amount.
  • Employer pays a percentage, (e.g.: 50 percent) with the employee responsible for the remaining co-payment.
  • Employer pays full amount as part of employee's benefit package.


If the employees pay individually or has a co-payment:

Ten minute chair massage
Fifteen minute chair massage
Twenty minute chair massage

If the company pays entirely:

Chair massage is billed at $50.00 per hour, per therapist
A two hour minimum is required, per therapist

Licensed Massage Therapists

Our Licensed Massage Therapists will have completed their training at a state approved massage therapy school, passed a written and practical massage examination and are licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services.

Our therapists have knowledge in anatomy and physiology as well as various techniques for treating and preventing musculoskeletal conditions. Stretches, therapeutic exercises and self care advice may also be suggested by our Licensed Massage Therapists.

For information on setting up your corporate massage program, contact Karl@AustinMassage.net or call 512/326-1515

For appointments, please call our Appointments
Coordinator at 512/326-1515

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