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Types of Massage


This is what people frequently envision when they think of massage. Swedish massage consists of gentle kneading, slow stretches, and long, gliding strokes.

Sports Massage
Professional and amateur athletes alike put their muscles under considerable strain. Sports massage is designed to flush out metabolic waste products from workouts or events, stretch and release muscles between workouts, in order to prevent injury and to warm up muscles prior to participating in an event, such as a marathon.

Neuromuscular Therapy
This form of massage deals with the nerve impulses which connect your brain to your muscles. It is useful in releasing chronic muscle holding patterns as well as reprogramming the impulses sent by the brain to release the targeted muscle.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage
This is a specialized form of massage designed to pump your lymphatic (cellular waste) system. Helpful for allergies, swelling from sprains or surgery and reducing cellulite, it can also be combined with Complete Decongestive Therapy to help patients with lymphedema (a common side effect from cancer surgery.)

Myofascial Release
Fascia is a connective tissue that can gradually tighten around muscles, reducing their blood flow as well as the flexibility of the muscle. Releasing the fascia that is constricting the muscles can increase the amount of nutrients the muscle receives as well as increasing it's range of motion.

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