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A number of medical conditions may be helped by massage:

Headaches can have many causes. Whatever is the initial cause, tight neck and scalp muscles frequently reduce the flow of blood to your head either causing the headache or making it worse. By using special neuromuscular (highlighted link) and myofascial release (highlighted link) techniques, many headaches are instantly eliminated. Proper blood flow is restored and your brain starts to get lots of essential nutrients. In addition, headaches can be caused by allergies or sinus problems. Sinus pressure builds, thus causing a headache. By utilizing trigger point therapy (highlighted link)Swedish (highlighted link) massage and manual lymphatic drainage, the sinuses are drained, releasing pressure and alleviating the headache.

Temporomandibular joint syndrome has several causes, but invariably, the muscles in your neck and face tighten, compounding your jaw pain or headaches. In addition, the ligaments that hold your jaw to your skull may be tight, not allowing the tissues to be supplied with enough nutrients. Inflammation may also occur, with the swelling reducing the mobility of your jaw. Massage can release tight muscles and ligaments and reduce the swelling, giving you immediate relief.

Tendinitis can strike anywhere but tennis elbow, golfers elbow, patellar tendinitis(knee) and rotator cuff (shoulder) tendinitis are some common forms. Swelling and tightness are usually a problem here, as well as pain during certain movements. Careful examination can pinpoint the source of the injury, reduce swelling, increase range of motion and assist in the reformation of healthy tissue. Using neuromuscular therapy (highlighted link) and myofascial release (highlighted link), immediate relief is frequently experienced.

Neck ache
Neck aches can make life miserable. How many times have you gotten up in the morning and said: "Boy, I must have slept wrong!" Somehow your neck muscles got irritated and are they letting you know about it! That "crick" can last for weeks but massage can banish it in just one session. Injuries sustained in a car or work related accident can be more severe. "Whiplash" causes a sudden lengthening of your muscles and ligaments, followed by a rapid shortening of these tissues. This whip-like effect can tear your muscles and ligaments. Scar tissue may even develop, restricting your mobility. Gentle application of massage can reduce muscle spasms, carefully stretch your damaged tissues and promote the proper re-weaving of your tissues , allowing your neck to have a better range of motion with less pain.

Low back pain
There are many causes for low back pain but invariably, whatever the cause, your muscles react to the condition, making matters worse. Frequently, tight muscles will team up with dry or swollen ligaments to make your life miserable. When this is the case, relief may be just a massage away. Swedish massage (highlighted link) relaxes the tissue and myofascial release (highlighted link)and neuromuscular therapy (highlighted link) help to reprogram the painful sensation that your back is sending to your brain. Frequently, the result is pain relief that can last for weeks or months.

In osteoarthritis, joints gradually lose their lubricating fluid, slowly reducing your range of motion. It's like an un-oiled, squeaky door hinge. In addition, arthritic joints usually have painful swelling around them, further restricting movement. Swedish massage (highlighted link) and manual lymphatic drainage (highlighted link) help to reduce the swelling of unnecessary fluid while increasing the flow of helpful nutrients. Gentle stretches and range of motion exercises can help to increase your mobility enabling you to do more of the things that you like to do.

Radiating Pain
Sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, and carpal/cubital tunnel syndromes can cause burning, shooting, tingling, aching or numbing sensations down your arms or legs. Some of the major causes of radiating pain are: impingement (when two or more bones pinch a nerve), entrapment ( when a muscle pinches the nerve) or a bulging or herniated disc. If the nerve is entrapped by the muscle, releasing the muscle may bring instant relief. An impingement or disc problem is more serious, but even then, tight muscles frequently aggravate the problem, causing more pressure to be put on the nerve. When these muscles are released, less pressure is inflicted on the nerve, which may result in a reduction of the painful sensations.

A woman's body undergoes complex changes during pregnancy and they may be subjected to a multitude of undesired effects. Swelling is a common complaint, especially in the feet, ankles, hands or hips. Often, there is pain in between the shoulder blades, due tension created by the added weight of the breasts as they engorge with milk. Let's not overlook low back pain or even sciatica, especially in the third trimester. Gentle and careful Swedish (highlighted link) massage and manual lymphatic drainage (highlighted link)can help to reduce the swelling, release the tight muscles and alleviate sciatic pain, leaving you feeling like a new woman.

This is a condition that may result from injury to or surgical removal of lymph nodes (your body's waste collectors.) It may be a result of liposuction, cosmetic surgery or breast, cervical, prostate or other cancer surgeries. Since the lymphatic pathways are damaged or missing, protein, fluid and cellular waste get trapped in between your cells. Imagine the sewer line in front of your house breaking and sanitation dangers that may result! Likewise, with lymhpedema, infections are a serious concern. Lymphedema should not be confused with edema (swelling). Edema usually results from an injury (like a sprained ankle) or a condition (like pregnancy) that resolves itself. Without intervention however, lymphedema keeps getting worse and worse. Manual lymphatic drainage (highlighted link) and complete decongestive therapy (the application of compression bandages and garments) are the only proven, long term solution.

Preventive health care:

Massage therapy is utilized in a wide variety of ways, from the athlete who desires to reduce the risk of injury to anyone wishing to promote optimum health and wellness. By keeping mind and body relaxed and stress-free, massage therapy can help prevent illness. Many studies have been released that link stress to heart disease, the number one killer of adults in the United States. Also, by boosting the immune system, massage can raise your health and vitality to new levels that you have never experienced!

Massage therapy works to enhance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being, allowing you to feel better than you ever imagined!

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